2018 New IPhone4 7.1.2 Icloud Bypass All Versions Tool 100% FreeDownload

2018 New IPhone4 7.1.2 Icloud Bypass All Versions Tool 100% FreeDownload
I am currently working in the signal for those devices , its close ( iOS 7.1.2 ) , along with other things , ok so here its how you will need to get your device to work with itunes and my carrier fix when im done .( im close to get the signal will have to be with registration ) the bypass for other devices like iPhone 4S and UP will be soon im working in signal tickets now . 1- Restore your Locked iPhone 4 2- Get the device in DFU mode . 3- Use The Exploit for getting the device into SSH ( ssh.jar ) 4- Use WinSCP to SSH into the device . 5- In the terminal "mount.sh" 6- Go to mnt2/root/library/lockdown/ 9- now drop data_ark.plis from downloaded folder into mnt2/root/library/lockdown/ ( same folder where you got the file and REPLACE) 10- Press Home button along with the power button ( to reset the device until recovery or itunes logo appears ) 11- Kick it out of the recovery mode with ireb7 12- it will apear in the hello screen connect it to wifi , and it will BYPASS the activation screen . 13- configure it as new iPhone , and itunes will detect it as new as well . download data_ark.zip download data_ark.zip
 All Versions
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